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Cardiff Pillow – Who are We?


Two brothers in 2012 set out to solve a simple problem by creating what you will find to be an amazing product: The Travel Headrest.

After countless trips in the car, whether after a soccer game or heading up to grandma’s, once the kids fell asleep in the car it was an unsettling feeling to say the least. My twin boys would slide out of their seatbelts with their heads bobbing left and right, my wife and I would call it “noodleneck”. With nothing out there to help with…. well Greek philosopher Plato said it best:

“A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem”

Cardiff Travel Headrest

The Cardiff Travel Headrest provides ultimate support and comfort for sleeping in the car.  Sleep Made Easy. 

  • Adjustable Height for users of all sizes
  • Simple, universal mount
  • Removable, washable mount. 

Days of waking up from long car rides with discomfort in your neck or seeing your child having a case of noodle-neck are gone.

Cardiff Products has developed “The Travel Headrest” – a revolutionary new device that provides support and comfort for any child or adult asleep in a moving vehicle.

Just attach The Travel Headrest to your vehicle’s existing headrest with a simple universal mount, and you now benefit from receiving lateral support to keep your head and body comfortably aligned upright the next time you, your child, or any friend falls asleep on the next car ride.

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