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 We have just added Payme as one of the payment method.

You can use your mobile phone and download Payme (HSBC) apps to clear the payment.

When you submit your order on our website, you can choose "bank transfer" to complete the order. Then open (Payme) on your mobile phone and complete the payment. Our Payme mobile phone no. is 55118051.

Besides, you need to add a credit card no. to your payme account. You need transfer money to your payme account by using your credit card. The upper limit for your payme account balance is HK$3000. If you want to transfer more than HK$3000, then you need to upload your HKID card for verification.

https://payme.hsbc.com.hk/zh-hk Payme Main page.

https://payme.hsbc.com.hk/zh-hk/how-it-works Payme Operation

Download Payme

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